VOLVAC Packaging and Food Machinery


High performance; advanced technology.

VOLVAC; is a manufacturer of vacuum machine models with the support of domestic production, using advanced technology. It represents our country abroad by receiving orders from many countries of the world, including the USA, Russia, Israel, China, Germany, France, Ukraine, Greece, Serbia, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt.

We offer point solutions with our 18 years of experience in the market and production in the packaging and food machinery sector, together with the companies we are our solution partners. We have produced; We are a leading manufacturer of packaging equipment serving a wide range of industries, including vacuum packaging machine, tray sealer, fully automatic bowl sealer, semi-automatic tray sealer, bottom tank shrink machine and automatic slicing machine.

We have always prioritized customer-oriented and high satisfaction by considering quality and optimum pricing, and we will continue to do so. As our company policy, we will continue to work with a focus on customer satisfaction by always leading the sector in both the machine groups we produce and the food machines we import. Using our domestic facilities and suppliers, at world standards; With the awareness of being in a position to compete in the world markets by producing high quality vacuum packaging machine and tray sealing machine, we offer all of our machines that we have produced by performing CE standard tests and other standard tests at the end of each production.

Our factory; The place where our domestic production vacuum packaging machine models, which we have manufactured in accordance with ISO standards, are produced is in Istanbul. Our factory, located in Pendik/Kurtköy region, is 5 minutes away from Istanbul ring road (O6) and Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.

What we produce:

  • Bag Vacuum Packaging Machines
  • Plate – Bowl Sealing Machines
  • Bottom Tank Machines
  • Slicers

Parts Stock: all our machine components are in stock to ensure machines are delivered on time.
R&D: we invest in R&D to continuously improve our machines and meet customers’ needs.
CNC Machine: we use digital CNC machines to achieve a precise measurement and improve machine quality.
Easy Maintenance: we standardize the technical specifications and production procedure to ensure excellent performance and easy maintenance.
Quality Control: we carefully select each part to achieve the goal of zero defects in machine quality.
Worldwide Export: Available in over 42 countries, including Germany, USA, UK, Italy, Japan, Canada, Russia, Egypt, Greece, Israel and more.
Customer Satisfaction: excellent quality machine approved by our existing customers in the food and non-food industries.
After-Sales: After-sales service is available in most parts of the world.