Dip Tank Machine VOLVAC DT480

In some food products, it is the machine that is used to wrap the edges and excesses of the package after vacuuming the vacuum bags suitable for making magic in hot water of the vacuum bag and makes the vacuum bag Sihrinki with 90-95 degrees hot water. Thanks to its hydraulic lift, vacuumed products weighing up to 50 kg are immersed in hot water, allowing them to stay in the water for a digitally set time, and then using a table system sihrinki machine suitable for removing them from the water. It is realized by wrapping it with plastic films and packaging it. The word sihrinki means to shrink, to draw in English. In the magic packaging process, the plastic film wrapped around the product shrinks with the effect of heat and takes the shape of the product it is wrapped around. The sihrinki machine performs the packaging process in two stages. The product is wrapped with plastic film and the film wrapped around the product is sewn with a welding machine. The product is placed in the heat tunnel, where heat is given to the plastic film wrapped and sewn around it, and the plastic film shrinks so that it wraps the product well. Sihrinki machines, which help to protect and preserve the stored product, have many different purposes and benefits on the product.

    Machine Dimensions671 x 1233 x 1340 h mm
    Chamber Sizes450 x 600 mm
    Water Capacity95 liters
    Power400 Volt 50 Hz
    Cycle3 - 4 seconds
    Power Consumption10 kW
    Automatic Temperatureadjustable from control panel
    Outer Bodystainless steel AISI304
    Warranty3 years