Termoform Machine VOLVAC WT65


    Machine Dimensions 6500 x 1250 x 1900 h mm
    Operating System vacuum and gas
    Weight 1,800 - 2,000 kg
    Chassis System AISI304 stainless steel
    Molding Materials aluminum
    Capacity 6 - 8 cycles/minute
    Bottom Foil Size 420mm
    Top Foil Size 410mm
    Bottom Foil Material pa+pe
    Top Foil Material pa+pe
    Diameter of Bottom Foil Coil 500mm
    Top Foil Coil Diameter 300mm
    Coil Core Diameter 76mm
    Electric Supply 3 x 380 volts 50 Hz
    Air Supply 6-8 bar operating pressure
    Coolant Supply 14 - 18 degrees demineralised water 150 liters/hour
    Electricity Consumption 11 kW/h
    Air Consumption 1,100 liters/minute
    Vacuum Pump 150 m³/h
    Control System PLC + SERVO
    PLC Model OMRON
    Documentation Screen OMRON
    Electricity telemecanique
    Chain regina or iwis
    Pneumatic System SMC
    Lower Foil System with electrically controlled pneumatic air-push brake system
    Shaping Section air blow shaping
    Paste Section vacuum and gas heat sealing
    Cut Section soft cutting system
    Drive System scissor pneumatic
    Coolant 14-16 degrees demineralised water