Seafood Packaging


Seafood Packaging

The Modified Atmosphere Packaging solution is one of the most effective packaging systems for preserving the freshness, taste and smell of a food product. Check out our MAP solutions.

Our country; It is a very lucky country in terms of climate, soil structure, lakes surrounded by sea on three sides, dams, streams and spring waters and aquaculture potential. Our country has 8,333 km of coastline and approximately 26 million hectares of land suitable for usable aquaculture production, including the seas. Approximately 95% of the said area is seas (24.607.200 ha), 1.3% is dam lakes (342.377 ha), 3.5% is natural lakes (906.118 ha) and about 0.1% (15.500 ha) is ponds.

The total surface area of natural lakes, ponds and dam lakes, which constitute approximately 5% of Turkey’s aquaculture production area, whose number of dam lakes and ponds built for irrigation and energy purposes is increasing day by day, is 1,263,995. huh. In addition, there are approximately 178,000 km of rivers.

Four different seas with different characters surrounding Turkey provide great wealth in terms of fish species.

– 165 in the Black Sea, – In the Marmara 200,

Although it is stated that there are around 300 fish species in the Aegean Sea and 500 species in the Mediterranean Sea, most of these species have come to the point of extinction.

Turkey in terms of aquaculture production It ranks thirty-third among 161 countries in the world, fourth among European Union countries, and third among Mediterranean countries. Since the production potential of seafood, which is the most important source of nutrition in human nutrition and in eliminating the animal protein deficit, is not unlimited and it is not possible to increase production continuously as the population increases, the amount of fishery product per capita will start to decrease after a certain level and the demand will be limited to the amount of production.

Aquaculture products, which were generally consumed fresh until the last few years, are now offered to consumers by being subjected to processing and preservation technologies such as cooling, processing, packaging, salting, canning, smoking, drying and brine. In recent years, in Turkey, in addition to freezing and rapid cooling technologies, applications for further processing, canned, smoked and different products with new technologies have become widespread. We would like to announce the new technology application with you. With these applications that we have started to use in some sectors, we are opening the door to a brand new world for you…

Perishable ready-to-eat foodstuffs are minimally processed and stored under controlled heating/cooling conditions in order to prevent the development of pathogenic organisms and to ensure microbial safety.

Minimal processed foods are produced using a range of modern technologies that aim to change the food as little as possible and at the same time ensure adequate shelf life in the process from producer to consumer. Food products that contain little or no preservatives and that have been subjected to mild heat treatments to provide a newly cooked taste constitute a brand new concept in ready-to-eat food consumption.

When we can see that adding value to seafood is an inevitable reality, a We think it’s time to prepare an action plan and set off with a professional team.