Tray Sealing Machine VOLVAC E52 - SKINPACK

VOLVAC E52 is one of our Tray Sealers with Drawer models.

External mold and mechanical parts are completely made of stainless steel materials. All the electrical, pneumatic and other technical materials required for the machine have been meticulously selected and used. Ready containers filled with the products to be packed are placed on the table of the machine. For safety reasons, the start buttons on the front of the machine are pressed with both hands and the packaging process starts automatically as the table moves to the inside position. Depending on the selected packaging program, protective gas is supplied to the product package after the vacuum process of the packages in atmospheric environment. Then, the upper film, which is available at the top of the packages, is sealed with the resistance jaws and cut from the edges of the packages with a cutting apparatus. After the table comes back to its exit position, the edge wastes of the upper film are wrapped in the waste wrapping roll located at the back of the machine. After this final stage, the machine is re-prepared for the next process.

VOLVAC E52 model box sealing machines are vacuumed and packaged with protective food gases, as well as providing a long shelf life to the products. maintains its quality and nutritional value. It prevents the deterioration of food products such as all kinds of fresh and processed meat, fish, other seafood, dairy products, fresh and dried vegetables, fruits, snacks and nuts in a short time, and reduces wastage.

    Machine Dimensions1500 x 950 x 1450 h mm
    Chamber Dimensions470 x 440 h mm
    cycle3 - 10 cycle/minute
    Product Capacity720 packages/hour - 2,400 packages/hour
    Pump Capacity100 m³/h (150 m³/h)
    kW5 kW
    Weight520 kg
    Pneumatic Feed16 NI 6-8 bar
    Outer Moldstainless steel AISI304
    Warranty Period3 years

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    95 x 125 mm pcs
    190 x 144 mm pcs
    227 x 178 mm pcs
    325 x 265 mm pcs