Meat and Meat Products Packaging


Meat and Meat Products Packaging

The Modified Atmosphere Packaging solution is one of the most effective packaging systems for preserving the freshness, taste and smell of a food product. Check out our MAP solutions.

As VOLVAC, our main goal in the projects we work on is; To ensure that the fresh meat is used in the best way in a modern facility and to create an exemplary facility for all meat products factories in our country. Thanks to today’s electronic technology, it will be packaged, ensure a long shelf life and be stored in the most suitable conditions and reach the consumers. By prioritizing the continuity of the production sector, preserved food will reach consumers. The most important advantages of the project; is to make quality and hygienic fresh meat and meat products ready for consumption with a long shelf life. Limiting weight loss in various flavors and recipes by adding value to the products to be produced, improving palate, reducing vitamin losses, reducing post-process contamination, gaining from the use of labor and equipment, can be listed as the important advantages of our high-capacity economic production projects.

Especially; supermarkets and other mass consumption centers constitute the main dynamics of today’s market. To have a certain place in this market and to continuously develop this market share requires planned and programmed long-term work. With VOLVAC projects, for consumers who have limited time, quality expectation, taste, and nutritional awareness; In line with their expectations, it will be possible to find hygienic fresh meat and meat products. In production facilities designed in accordance with HACCP with the latest technological equipment: fresh meat storage, shredding, processing, slicing, freezing, packaged in portion packs, and marinated products are produced in accordance with international standards with semi-finished and advanced processing production lines. .

With the developing packaging technology, thanks to the packaging materials with high barrier and thermal resistance (-40C/+200C), the products are both safely packaged (cooking under vacuum, pasteurization and sterilization) with a long shelf life and can be served by heating in the package. VOLVAC Engineers are ready to produce suitable solutions for you.