Ready Meal Packaging

Ready Meal Packaging

The Modified Atmosphere Packaging solution is one of the most effective packaging systems for preserving the freshness, taste and smell of a food product. Check out our MAP solutions.

The changing and individualized lifestyle, especially in big cities, also changes our eating habits. There are no more “Housewives” in our homes displaying the products of the delicious Turkish Cuisine. Economic conditions also draw housewives into the business world.

So, will we stay away from those tastes that we are used to and love? Of course not. There is a sector that keeps working to reintegrate many elements of modern life into society: Technology…

When people living in big cities return home from work, they no longer have the energy or time to prepare a meal. The “West”, which reached these points many years before us, tried to solve this problem with ready-made food packages. However, the ready-to-eat food market in our country is still in trouble. Because the ready-to-eat food solutions offered to the consumers so far do not fully meet our taste expectations. The Turkish community, accustomed to at least three hot meals with soup, main course, rice-pasta and salad when they sit at the table, withdraws when they hear the word “ready meal”. Although we have taken the concept of Ready Meal from the West, as VOLVAC, we are working on new ready-to-eat food techniques by trying to meet the expectations of the society without detaching our “ready meal” from our traditional tastes. While doing this, we aim to deliver the flavors of traditional Turkish cuisine not only to the market in our country, but also to the world market. In this context, we are in cooperation with many national and international companies.

Perishable ready-to-eat foodstuffs are in terms of product safety with minimal processing and storage combinations under controlled heating/cooling conditions to prevent the development of pathogenic organisms and to ensure microbial safety. is of great importance. Minimally processed foods are produced using a range of modern technologies that aim to change the food as little as possible while ensuring adequate shelf life from the producer to the consumer. Food products that contain little or no preservatives and have been subjected to mild heat treatments to provide a newly cooked taste constitute a brand new concept in ready-to-eat food consumption.

Our industrial food industry is affected by both global effects and the dynamics of the domestic market. It has undergone serious changes in the last few years. We should not forget the reactions of the end consumer, who naturally becomes conscious, so that we can analyze the picture of today and tomorrow well. Seed, fertilizer, medicine, feed etc. When we add expensive fuel and electricity costs, we do not have many alternatives other than value-added production for our food industry. We can gain advantages with a very good packaging, but it is not easy to do business with a single parameter in a market where unfair competition is intense. At this stage, in terms of preparation, process and packaging we need many new technology applications. With these applications, which are widely used especially in Europe, we are opening the door to a brand new world in the ready-made food industry… Actually, we have to compile and collect the works you have done so far to meet the demands of the market, and now we need to go across the table and do it with a new understanding… When the right technologies are selected, we do not need chemical preservatives in any of our processes and packaging. Only heat treatments and vacuum, map, active packaging can be sufficient. Of course, it is imperative that our raw material cultivation potential and production capacity, existing infrastructure opportunities and accurate information come from the market and this should be analyzed by professional teams. Current technological developments can rapidly increase as long as they meet consumer expectations. find a field of application. Today’s consumers’ need for quality, safe, nutritious, easily available, quick to prepare and industrial production, which has no environmental impact, is the main factor in the updating of our projects. For any supplementary information and technical assistance